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Milkshake Live!
Milkshake Live!
Saturday September 16, 12:00 & 16:00. £16.50, £14.50 Child, £58 Family

Starring Milkshake! favourites Bob the Builder, Little Princess, Noddy, Fireman Sam, Shimmer & Shine, Pip from Pip Ahoy!, Winnie and Wilbur,Wissper, Milkshake’s very own Milkshake! Monkey and two Milkshake! presenters, this all-singing, all-dancing, musical masterpiece, will take audiences on a journey through the world’s favourite fairy tales. Set amongst Milkshake’s magical bookcase, this brand new live show is sure to amaze and delight! 

* The Milkshake Live show will feature 2 milkshake!Presenters. Jen, Derek, Kemi, Amy, Olivia, Curtis and Sita may only appear atcertain venues. © Channel 5 Broadcasting Limited 2017. All Rights Reserved. ©2017DreamWorks Distribution Limited. All Rights Reserved. Bob the Builder™©2017 HitEntertainment Limited and Keith Chapman. Fireman Sam™©2017 Prism Art &Design Limited. “Little Princess” derived from the television series by TheIlluminated Film Company and based upon the books by Tony Ross (published byAndersen Press). © 2017 The Illuminated Film Company. All Rights Reserved. © CHFPip! Plc 2013-2016, All Rights Reserved. © Wissper LTD. ©Winduna EnterprisesLtd. 2017. © 2017 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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